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At Main Street Dental Care, our office uses diagnostic methods such as digital dental radiographs, treatment methods such as Invisalign, and restoration options that involve the use of a digital scanner. Each of these offers a more effective approach to traditional dental methods.

3D Cone Beam
Digital x-rays

Also known as a CT scan, our 3D Cone Beam technology is a special type of x-rays that allows us to take a detailed scan of not just your bones and teeth, but also your soft tissue and nerve pathways in a single scan. This type of scan does not require any special preparation, and is used when regular x-rays are not enough, as it provides us with an efficient way to produce an accurate and complete image of the state of your dental health.

iTero Technology

Experience the cutting-edge precision of iTero technology at our dental practice. iTero is an advanced digital impression system that revolutionizes the way we capture impressions of your teeth and oral structures. Say goodbye to messy and uncomfortable traditional impressions. With iTero, we create highly accurate 3D digital models of your teeth and gums, enhancing the precision of your dental treatments. This state-of-the-art technology ensures a comfortable, efficient, and accurate experience, whether you're considering orthodontic treatments, crowns, or other dental procedures.

Intra-Oral Camera

The intra-oral camera broadcasts images for both the patient and doctor to see. Instantaneously, the images of your teeth are sent to a computer screen so both patient and doctor can review your oral health together. This wonderful new technology allows you to relax in your chair while simultaneously observing a real-time movie of the inside of your mouth magnified beyond normal size on an adjacent computer monitor. Not only does this make it simple to see and understand what is happening in your mouth, but it makes it simple for us to keep incredibly accurate records from one visit to the next.

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We are a family-oriented office that provides dental treatment for the entire family. With procedures ranging from general cleanings to some oral surgery, Dr. Marcos Villarreal and Dr. Christina Adame can treat a variety of dental issues regardless of age. We will welcome you as if you were a member of the family and provide you with quality dental care that creates long-lasting results.

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